GPS Speed Sentry 1.7.2

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Been caught speeding lately? Sick of getting points deducted?
Tired of donating your money to the government money making
scams that are termed “safety cameras”

Tchart Development does not endorse driving at excessive
speed but like many we have been nabbed going slightly over
the speed limit. GPS Speed Sentry was developed to provide a
subtle warning mechanism that you are exceeding the speed
limit. This is particularly helpful on those long road trips
when you should be watching the road and not your

GPS Speed Sentry is a GPS enabled speed monitor/car computer.
It monitors your current speed and warns you when you are
near or go over one of 6 user defined speed limits, the latest version of the software can also provide warnings about approaching speed cameras.
It also allows you to view other GPS derived information on a series
of display types. Other information includes
current/top/average speed, a trip meter, an odometer,
elevation, position, bearing and much more.

Below is a list of features available in GPS Speed Sentry;

– Six (6) user specified speed limits

– Audible warnings for over the speed limit and nearing speed
limit (these can be muted)

– All sounds can be customised by the user

– Units can be in imperial or metric, various combinations
can be used (eg speed mph & elevation in metres)

– Position can be shown in various formats including ordnance
survey grid and easting/northing’s (for the united
kingdom) as well as maidenhead grid locators

– Various easy to read information displays (see below)

– Track logging in Google Earth (KML), GPX and CSV formats

– Large buttons which allow easy changing of display/speed
limit (using your finger or stylus)

– Day/night colour schemes

– Support for portrait and landscape orientations

– Support for square screen devices (eg hp 6515)

The information displayed by GPS Speed Sentry includes;

– Current speed (in knots, mph or km/hr)

– Average speed

– Top speed

– Trip meter

– Odometer

– 3D compass view also shows bearing and direction

– Speed graph also shows current speed limit

– Elevation graph

– Current latitude and longitude coordinates (in various

– Number of satellites

– GPS fix type (fix/no fix/2d/3d)

– Data validity,

– UTC date/time

– Local date/time

– Location in terms of ordnance survey Great Britain grid
references (OSGB)

– Location in terms of the maidenhead grid locator