iLaunch 1.3

Developer: Mobile at Home

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It looks like the iPhone, but it’s not ! However,it can do a few things that the iPhone can’t do.

iLaunch is a screen lock and application launcher utility for Pocket PC (phones)

* Lock your screen and put it in your pocket without triggering unwanted actions

* Launch commonly used programs with the touch of your finger

*Start programs such as Pocket Outlook, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Pocket Excel and Pocket Word, Camera, Phone calls and Skype.

* Fully user configurable, launch any app you often use. Assign or change all buttons to all programs.

* iLaunch will automatically detect if Skype and Google Maps are on your device, and prompt you to download it, if you don’t have it installed.

* Runs on Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 in QVGA portrait mode only.