Tweaks2K2 .NET for ARM & XScale

Developer: Tweaks2K2

Tweaks2K2 .NET for ARM & XScale – $4.00! is Windows Mobile/Pocket PC based software. Find more software solutions for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC and downloads in our Software section. Windows Mobile/Pocket PC programs are organised by software categories. offers Software Solutions for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC.

Tweaks2K2 .NET is the ultimate registry hack tool for WIndows Mobile (PPC) and Windows Mobile Smartphones. Use Tweaks2K2 .NET software for hacking your PPC PDA Registry, Tweaks2K2 has more than 166 different registry
tricks and 2 screens with information about your WM PDA. No other tweaks application for Windows Mobile (PocketPC) offers you tricks that are available with Tweaks2K2 .NET software.

2.4.0-Adds Double Pixeling deactivation for individual programs in VGA Devices

2.5.0-Allows you to move dlls from \Windows to any Storage Device

2.6.0- Two more tricks have been added. Code have been optimized to be used in the hx4700.

2.7.0- Added two more hacks. Rewritten part of the code to make it full compatible with hx4700 avoiding the ATI BitMap cache bug. Added compatibility with Italian Pocket PCs.

2.8.0- Redone part of the code in the System Hacks screen to resolve incompatibility with other programs. Added two more hacks.

2.9.0- Added one more hack.

3.1.0- Added a new option and modified another to add support for the Dell x50.

3.2.0- Change the size of the letters in Pocket Internet Explorer to small.

3.5.0 – Added two more hacks for hx4700 owners.

3.8.0 – Added two more hacks

3.10.0- Adde one hack for i-mates

3.12.0- New hack added for Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition devices.

This version is full compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5 and 6.

For English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and German ROM ONLY!.