UniversalRemoteCE 4.0.1

Developer: Pyramid Peak Design

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About UniversalRemoteCE

UniversalRemoteCE is a software product which runs on Pocket PC platforms and enables the Pocket PC to function as a universal remote which controls TV’s, VCR’s, DVD players, DSS/Satellite controllers, CD players, Cable boxes, Amplifiers/Receivers, and Personal Video Recorders.

System Requirements

OS: Pocket PC 2000 / Pocket PC 2002
Platform: Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada 560 series, Toshiba e310/e740, Audiovox Maestro and other Pocket PC platforms with StrongARM or XScale processors.

About Pocket PC InfraRed capability

Pocket PC platforms contain an IrDA port to allow infrared communications with other IrDA devices such as computers, digital phones, and other PDAs. Although the Pocket PC’s IrDA port was not designed to be compatible with consumer IR devices such as TV’s and VCR’s, UniversalRemoteCE enables the Pocket PC to control many consumer IR devices by transmitting carefully crafted infrared packets from the IrDA port. The full version of UniversalRemoteCE 3.0 contains Infrared profiles for more than 1000 different consumer IR devices from over 250 manufacturers, and custom profiles can be learned from a factory remote.

The typical control range for most tested consumer devices is between
10 – 15 feet in typical home lighting conditions; however some devices
work well at 20 feet while others only function at less than 10 feet.